Scribblings and Snaps

Spotty Tales

Chapter Three

Strictly Come Walking

The gate to the field was in sight. But the closer they got the more distracted each of the dogs became. At precisely the same moment Dana shot forwards, Molly came to a standstill right in front of the human's feet, and Rocky stopped behind to relieve himself. In the next split second the human was airborne, taking the weight of Dana's lunge, careful not to trip over of tread on Molly, landing with impressive accuracy, and a neat little pirouette to finish off the routine. Now to pick up after Rocky before the other dogs decided whether to sniff it, tread in it, roll in it, or eat it.

Dame Bussell would have envied the lightness of the human's feet, his speed and his balance, but Strictly Come Dancing this wasn't. It would be hard to stir a human audience when you're muddy, dizzy, tied up in dogs leads, and holding a bag of poo.

The dogs thought he was cool though. Maybe tomorrow they'd try to make things even more fun.

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